With people gradually warming up to the idea of going electric on vehicles, it is no wonder that manufacturers are scrambling to build something worthy. Unfortunately, most manufacturers want their electrics to look like they come from an episode of Star Trek and that means the retro trend might take a backseat.

British customizing company, Electric Classic Cars tries to do their bit to preserve old classics by taking vintage cars and souping them up with electric motors. This time, however, they used a Royal Enfield and built the Photon, a Bullet that has been stripped of its petrol engine and electrified.

The Photon gets a 12 kW hub-mounted motor that is capable churning out 15 PS of power. The battery pack consists of four 2.5 kWh lithium-ion batteries giving a total 10 kWh capacity. The company claims the bike gets a range of 130 km range in the real world and a top speed of close to 112 km/h. This is thanks to the torque that comes right from the bottom of the rev range.

This brings us to the price of the bike. In the UK, the Royal Enfield Photon costs around Rs 18 lakh. This may seem unreasonable considering the price of an original Royal Enfield, but the electrified Photon will have its own niche audience – someone who wants a classic in an electrified world.

Royal Enfield Photon Electric


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