If you are planning to buy a SUV then you must know about few things regarding its features & benefits, So we will discuss what are those things which one should know about before buying the SUV.

Which is the best available SUV in the sub 4 MTR segment, This is a trending question which lots of people really want to know the answer of it. But do we know XUV 300 is the only SUV which is providing so many best & first in the segment features to their customers in Interiors & as well as in exteriors.


SUV is the segment accross the world where competiton is very high & in this Segment lots of option are available for customers & choosing a car is very difficult now a day, If we talk about the sub 4 meter category then you will find most of the companies are offering their best car in this Segment & being a demanding segment all the car manufacturers are providing the best feature & services to attract customer.

Major Competiton in sub four meter category in India are XUV 300, Tata Nexon, Hyundai Venue, Vitara Brezza, Ford Eco Sports & choosing one out of these 5 is very tough task..

Considering Mahindra XUV 300 is a very strong product in the market we are comparing Top 5 best in the segment features which is far ahead of the Competition..

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Dimension is very important for any car which defines the comfort of passengers & offers more space to its customer, XUV 300 provide the highest width in the segment 1821 mm where others provide between 1765 to 1811 mm.

Engine Specifications:

XUV 300 offer best Engine Specifications compare to other SUV in the market, XUV 300 provides a turbo Charged 1.5 L Diesel engine which produce a power of 116.5 PS with the highest Torque in the segment 300 nm which is far ahead of its completion.

Wheel Base:

We can’t ignore the wheel base when it’s a matter to choose a SUV which customer usually buy or replace their existing car in a period of around 5-6 yrs, So XUV 300 offers the maximum wheel base in the segment 2600 mm, while other offers around 2500 mm, wheel base defines the ride quality of enhance driving experience.


When it’s a matter of the safety how can one ignore the braking of the car, XUV 300 offers the Disc brake on front & rear tyre & only car in the segment to provide this & rest other SUV are offering only front disc & drum on the rear side.

Tyre Size:

People always looks SUV as a sports & off road sort of vehicle & when one is investing Rs 9-12 Lakh then he expect company should provide a big size tyre in the SUV, XUV 300 has taken care of this as well & comes with 17″ Alloy Wheels at its top end variant & 16″ on base variant, if we talk about the Competition then all the Sub compact SUV like Tata Nexon, Hyundai Venue, Vitra Brezza, Ford Eco Sports are offering 16″ Tyres. Venue & Eco sports are offering 15″ tyre on its base variant.

Other Best in the class features of XUV 300:

Hight adjustable Seat belt, Adjustable rear seat headrest, front parking sensors, 7Air bags, 60:40 Split from base model, Dual zone Ac & climate control, Tyre direction monitor, 3 Steering mode, 6 bottle holders, Best in the segment DRL’s & many more..

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